MSA Select Drams

189.00 AED 180.0 AED

MSA Select Drams

If your desire to savor the very best in exceptionally fine taste is breaking the bank but you still want to enjoy the experience, fret no more! The chaps in the committee have come to the rescue.They have used their good offices and connections to select samplers of rare and hard to find expressions. Stylishly and tastefully packaged, a very limited quantity of The MSA Select Drams set is available to members on a first come first serve basis. 

The first in this series is the classic Glen Moray ‘Spirit Of Speyside Festival 2020’ collection - exquisitely matured in wine casks. All whiskies are Distillery Exclusives and bottled at cask strength.

2003 Chardonnay Cask (58.9% ABV)

2004 Burgundy Cask (60.1% ABV)

2004 Chenin Blanc Cask (60.3% ABV) 

Date & Time

June 4, 2021

Start - 8:00 PM Saturday

June 5, 2021

End - 12:00 AM Asia/Dubai


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